Mani-stone Organic Cotton

Organic Cotton is grown and then processed for fabric using methods that impose a lower impact on the environment than conventionally grown cotton. No harmful chemicals are used, and low impact dyes ensure that less rinsing is required, and a high absorption rate is achieved in the process. These premium quality fabrics are long-lasting, comfortable, and healthy for the skin.

GOTS Certification

The raw cotton material used by mani-stone is approved by the Global Organic Textile Standard ensuring that it meets with the highest level of organic standards. The Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) was developed by leading standard setters to define world-wide recognised requirements for organic textiles. The producers of the yarn are required to engage fully in environmentally and socially responsible manufacturing and every part of the process is certified from the harvesting of the raw organic cotton, use of non-toxic dyes to the natural fabric treatments which are employed. GOTS certification ensures good working conditions and fair pay is awarded. The organic collection is packaged in biodegradable plastic bags made from biopolymers 

Mani-stone raw cashmere source

Yarn is sourced from a renowned cashmere production company founded in 1999 who have become synonymous with luxury innovation, excellence, and supreme sustainable quality. Great importance and emphasis is placed on being ethical and socially responsible, with a true commitment to environmental protection, animal welfare and sustainability. There is total transparency from the provenance of raw fibre to the complete production process, offering full traceability. They are proud to have been accredited with the following certifications

The Good Cashmere Standard Certification  

This initiative of the Aid by Trade Foundation has created, promoted, and implemented a benchmark standard for sustainable cashmere. It ensures goats are treated responsibly, the environment protected, and the social, ecological, and economic living conditions of cashmere farmers and their families are respected.

The Sustainable Fibre Alliance (SFA)  

The SFA are a non -profit international organisation working with the extended cashmere supply chain, from herders to retailers. They promote a global sustainability standard for cashmere production to preserve and retore grasslands, ensure animal welfare and secure livelihood 


Responsible Wool Standard (RWS)  

Certification ensures that the wool comes from farms with a progressive approach to manging their land and treat their sheep responsibly. They provide a tool to recognise the best practices of farmers to ensure wool comes from farms that uphold the highest environmental, ethical, and socially responsible standards.